ZORN is a leading manufacturer of precision miniature light bulbs.

Due to the great complexity of the manufacturing process for miniature light bulbs, we decided to organise R&D and production entirely in Germany.
With just a few exceptions, this means that high-precision lamp components are produced almost exclusively by ZORN.

ZORN light bulb filaments are often only visible after taking a closer look. The wires are so fine that we developed and manufactured the machines required for processing these materials ourselves. As a result, we can be sure that the customer’s requirements are fulfilled in actual practice.

Not only is working with extremely fine wire a routine procedure for ZORN, correct selection of glass materials and gas fillings is standard practice as well, and it’s decisive for the light bulb.

Product Development

When developing solutions involving precision light bulbs, the smallest of details are of great significance. And it’s precisely these details which make the difference with regard to the quality of your product.

More than 60 years of R&D experience provide us with the well-founded knowledge which is required in order to assess interaction amongst the electrical, physical, chemical, thermal and optical characteristics of a light bulb.

ZORN’s R&D team is proud of its thorough research, which is also conducted in cooperation with our customers and their product development departments. We take special, application-specific requirements into consideration, for example ambient conditions, intense vibration or exceptional optical stability, and guarantee our quality throughout each and every R&D and manufacturing stage.

Light bulb shapes

We produce spherical and hemispherical light bulbs with and without integrated lens.
Our light bulbs are distinguished by outstanding glass purity with regard to streaks, bubbles and other impurities, as well as constant wall thickness in order to avoid optical interference in the application.

Our filaments are differentiated according to various bending shapes, and are further categorised as single filaments, double filaments and C6 filaments. Special C6 filaments allow for exact positioning of the filament within the bulb, thus providing the option of illuminated areas with very tight tolerances.


ZORN produces precision light bulbs in the miniature and sub-miniature ranges. We manufacture light bulbs with diameters ranging from 2 to roughly 20 mm.
Outside filament dimensions are as small as 0.1 x 0.5 mm. Although filament dimensions depend primarily on the light bulb’s electrical and photometric specifications, customer requests can also be fulfilled to a given extent.

Technical gases

Our product spectrum encompasses vacuum lamps, as well as light bulbs filled with inert gases and halogen gas mixtures. This offers advantages with regard to service life as well as brightness.
Furthermore, selecting the right gas assures that light bulbs achieve best possible performance results.

Optical glass

We currently use about five different types of glass for the production of spherical and hemispherical light bulbs with or without integrated lens.
Our light bulbs are distinguished by outstanding glass purity with regard to streaks, bubbles and other impurities, as well as constant wall thickness in order to avoid optical interference in the application.

Electrical requirements

ZORN light bulbs are used in a great variety of applications, and are thus operated with different electrical power sources, for example batteries, USB interfaces and normal power supplies.

Voltage, current and power requirements, as well as any special features such as the cycle times of your products and energy sources with stabilised current, play an important role in the development of precision light bulbs.


High-performance illumination is required in many technical applications, each of which represents a new challenge. Our special light bulbs are designed specifically for the respective conditions. With its own in-house light bulb R&D department, ZORN is able to offer unique solutions.

Reliable light bulbs are an essential ingredient for every product, and thus we contribute to the satisfaction of your customers.


ZORN light bulbs are used in a wide variety of dental instruments.
As a longstanding partner to numerous manufacturers both inside and outside of Germany, we’ve matched our product range to meet the special needs which prevail in the field of dentistry. Not only do our products offer ideal illumination for dental treatment procedures, they also provide the desired colour rendering.

Medical engineering

Our medical light bulbs are subjected to the strictest of standards and quality stipulations.
In particular in the field of medicine, ideal conditions must prevail in order to meet the physician’s demands. For this reason, extraordinary precision is required for light bulbs used in these applications. We create the right illumination for a trusting atmosphere between doctor and patient.


In the interest of our customers, we not only want to maintain the current state-of-the-art for precision light sources, we want to advance it continuously as well. Our concept for pursuing this objective is quite simple:

Present us with your challenge, and we’ll develop the right solution for you – guaranteed. From consultation regarding the ideal type of light right on up to shipment of the goods, you receive a custom tailored package.

Our service offerings go above and beyond production: from labelling and packaging to stocking inventory and logistics consulting.


ZORN’s incomparably high quality standards have been undisputed for years.

Our focus on quality isn’t just our philosophy, it’s our every-day standard. We assure quality throughout the entire development and manufacturing process by means of extensive material and in-process inspections.

As an example of we make reference to the extreme precision and reproducibility of the filament position of our single-ended light bulbs.

Packaging / Labelling

With the help of product-specific labelling such as laser marking, we can identify lamps with your company logo and/or any desired product designation, as well as with codes (e.g. QR codes).

We offer various packaging options which protect light bulbs and attractively present them to the market. Packages can be furnished with your logo and any desired printing.