For those who deal with light on a regular basis, there’s no getting around LED technology.

Benefits such as long service life, constant brightness, the use of wavelengths within certain ranges and minimal current consumption are just as persuasive as ideal switching characteristics and mechanical advantages during operation when exposed to vibration.

Product Development

As specialists for lamps in various technical fields and in medical engineering, ZORN develops individualised LED light sources. And in doing so we meet the special needs of our customers.

One of the central problems associated with LED technology is thermal dissipation. ZORN has developed technical solutions to this problem which can be adapted to various individual products. White LEDs can only be operated as of a voltage of approximately 2.8 V. ZORN offers electronics which are integrated into the lamp base and allow for operation with as little as 1.5 V.

Colour temperature can also be individually selected with ZORN’s LED lamps. Individualised sockets are available as well for our LED light sources.

We can provide solutions which make it possible to replace incandescent light bulbs with LED lamps in existing devices (retrofit design). As of 2018 we also offer sterilisable LED lamps.

Facts and figures

ZORN offers individualised LED light sources with various dimensions and power spectra.

Big on Details
Voltage range: as of 1.5 V
Luminosity: up to 200,000 lux
Service life: min. 5000 hours
Type of glass and diameter selected to match the application
Socket design: individualised per customer requirement
Can be autoclaved


ZORN has developed an LED lamp for dental technology which can be autoclaved and is twice as bright as conventional incandescent light.

Its colour temperature has been adapted so that the dentist can recognise contrasts in the mouth in an ideal fashion.

Medical engineering

ZORN has developed a series of LED lamps which are used in a great variety of diagnostic instruments.


ZORN’s incomparably high quality standards have been undisputed for years.

Our focus on quality isn’t just our philosophy, it’s our every-day standard. We assure quality throughout the entire development and manufacturing process by means of extensive material and in-process inspections.

Packaging / Labelling

With the help of product-specific labelling such as laser marking, we can identify lamps with your company logo and/or any desired product designation, as well as with codes (e.g. QR codes).

We offer various packaging options which protect light bulbs and attractively present them to the market. Packages can be furnished with your logo and any desired printing.